Wet Basement Carpet? Don’t Panic! Craftech Can Help you Restore

When you walk down your basement steps and you feel that first squish of your wet carpet, you begin to panic.

No need to panic over your wet basement carpet! Our company can help. Below I will outline the steps needed to return your basement to pre-loss condition.

  • Find the source of the loss
  • If the water is coming in from the outside, see my blog post here for more information.
  • If the water is coming from a pipe or water heater; shut the water off immediately. ( for information on how to find your shut off valve click here.

Once the Water is Shut off:

  • Call a plumber or the town you you live in if it is a water main issue.
  • Remove any valuable items from the water, prop furniture up on tin foil to keep from damaging the legs further.
  • Call your insurance company or agency to file a claim.
  • Call Craftech Restoration to access the damages to your basement.
Wet carpet in a basement with bins of water
Wet basement carpet, water came from above.

Can you save my carpet?

Most of the time, when you have a damp basement, and we can get to your home within the first 48 hours, we can save your carpet.

Below are a few reasons why we cannot save your carpet:
  • Your carpet is older than 20 years. (If your carpet is older, most times it is not cost effective or worthwhile to dry and clean it.)
  • Your carpet was damaged by extremely hot water. (Hot water can cause carpet to delaminate)
  • Furniture has sat too long on wet carpet and the stain from the wood caused staining to the carpet.
  • Your carpet is extremely dirty or has animal urine built up. After carpet that is dirty or has urine staining gets wet it is nearly improssible to remove the smell.
  • Your carpet has sat wet for more than 48 hours. When that happens, your carpet is more likely to delaminate.

As always, if you have any questions, please call our office where one of our project managers can answer any further questions you have

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