Water damage

Water or Fire Damage? You have the right to choose!

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After a fire or flood, most people call their insurance company. While on the phone, most insurance companies have either a list of preferred vendors or go through a program that assigns claims to contractors. They assure you this is the fastest way to restore your home to its original condition. Many homeowners think they are obligated to use the insurance companies contractor, but it is ultimately up to you to decide who you would like to work with.

It’s your choice!

Homeowners aren’t usually aware that they have the right to hire whomever they choose without penalty from their insurance company. These companies create agreements with national vendors based on price and branding, which leaves many great local companies on the outside. As a homeowner, having the right to choose whom you want to do business with gives back power to the consumer to keep money in their local communities.

When choosing your own restoration contractor, you can look at reviews and their website and decide for yourself which company will offer you the best customer service and benefit your local community the most. Instead of a company showing up that you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, you get to decide who you invite into your home.

How to choose

When selecting a restoration contractor always make sure they are IICRC certified, licensed and insured.

Check the status of IICRC certified firm here. Once you locate a firm, you can make sure they have the proper certifications by clicking on services. If you can’t find the firm’s name and would still like to use them, you can check by asking for their certification number and entering it on the website as well.

Check out Craftech’s Ratings on Google, Angie’s List, and our website to discover why so many local homeowners choose us for their restoration needs!

Steps to take before the restoration professionals arrive.

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At, Craftech we get this question a lot “What can I do to help before you arrive?” Today I am going to answer that.

Don’t forget, safety first! Watch out for sagging ceilings and wet electronics! If you are unsure if it is safe, it most likely isn’t.

Things you can do immediately to help:

  • Make sure the source of the water is shut off and fixed.
  • Extract excess water with a mop or shop vacuum.
  • Remove standing water from the top of any hard furniture.
  • Remove any area rugs from wet carpet as they can bleed through to the mat below.
  • Move anything of value to a safe place to minimize secondary damage. (includes wall art, furniture, or collectibles)
  • Prop up any furniture that is on wet flooring. You can use plastic sliders or aluminum foil. (When wooden furniture is exposed to excessive moisture, the wood’s stain can transfer to the carpet leaving permanent stains. Metal furniture can leave rust marks)
  • Remove any wet soft materials, including curtains, towels, throw pillows, etc.
  • Unplug any electrical items.

We do not recommend the following:

  • Do not leave papers or books on wet surfaces; move them to an unaffected area to dry out.
  • Please refrain from using electronics or outlets exposed to water damage; plugging these in can result in electrical shock.
  • Refrain from turning on light fixtures in a room with wet ceilings until an electrician has inspected the connection.
  • Do not enter rooms that have sagging or falling ceilings.
  • Refrain from removing any wet building materials as these can be extremely heavy. Please leave this for our IICRC trained technicians.

We know it may be tempting to complete the work yourself, but Craftech’s highly trained technicians are adept at finding moisture where it doesn’t always appear visibly. We use state of the art moisture meters with both penetrating and non-penetrating probes to gauge the extent of damage in homes and businesses. Leaving this messy job to the professionals will save you from future problems like rot and mold. We hope this answers the question, “What can I do to help before you arrive?”

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Containment, one of the most underrated parts of remediation work

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Containment setup in an entry.

Containment matters. At Craftech, we take great pride in our cleanliness. When we remove most materials from a structure, we test for asbestos before removal; once we get a negative result, we contain the area before removing it.

Containment helps in numerous ways including;

  • Prevent potentially hazardous substances – such as mold spores, lead-based paint, silica dust, and more – from spreading throughout the entire structure.
  • Creates a barrier to keep dust and other particles confined within a workspace, which helps make clean-up easier for our crews.
  • Creates a closed drying chamber, so we don’t waste time drying unaffected areas.
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