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Basements & Sump Pumps

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Living in New England, most people are familiar with cellars and basements. You’ve either had a wet basement or know someone who has. Often those claims are covered, sometimes they are not. Most people are unaware that groundwater is typically not covered by insurance companies. But sometimes, you can purchase something extra to help out with your wet basement.

The Destruction of a Sump Pump Failure

Sump Pumps: In 1932, Howard D. Yoder patented one of the first portable sump pumps, according to The machinery was designed to pump water from a flooded basement after an automatic water sensor detects water and jumpstarts the pump.  These sensors work just like the float in your toilet bowl; when the water gets too high, the pump kicks on. Proper maintenance is crucial to making sure your pump functions correctly. Keep the area around the pump clear of debris, and regularly check to make sure the pump is functioning correctly.

Sump pump coverage: Sump pump failure coverage typically is a rider or endorsement attached to a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Premiums are relatively cheap, and you can receive up to $10,000 to replace or repair anything resulting from a flood or backup if the pump fails. If water starts seeping into your home and the pump fails to respond, you can claim it and seek reimbursement.

Your Responsibility as the Property Owner: When you find the pump malfunctioned, call your agent and put in a claim. Call a restoration company (like Craftech) to come out to remove the water and begin drying out the structure. We will leave your property looking as good as new!

After Craftech Removed the Water and Dried the Wet Areas.

*Everyone’s coverage is different; check with your agent to see what is covered and if you are eligible for a rider.