Basements & Sump Pumps

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Living in New England, most people are familiar with cellars and basements. You’ve either had a wet basement or know someone who has. Often those claims are covered, sometimes they are not. Most people are unaware that groundwater is typically not covered by insurance companies. But sometimes, you can purchase something extra to help out with your wet basement.

The Destruction of a Sump Pump Failure

Sump Pumps: In 1932, Howard D. Yoder patented one of the first portable sump pumps, according to HGTV.com. The machinery was designed to pump water from a flooded basement after an automatic water sensor detects water and jumpstarts the pump.  These sensors work just like the float in your toilet bowl; when the water gets too high, the pump kicks on. Proper maintenance is crucial to making sure your pump functions correctly. Keep the area around the pump clear of debris, and regularly check to make sure the pump is functioning correctly.

Sump pump coverage: Sump pump failure coverage typically is a rider or endorsement attached to a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Premiums are relatively cheap, and you can receive up to $10,000 to replace or repair anything resulting from a flood or backup if the pump fails. If water starts seeping into your home and the pump fails to respond, you can claim it and seek reimbursement.

Your Responsibility as the Property Owner: When you find the pump malfunctioned, call your agent and put in a claim. Call a restoration company (like Craftech) to come out to remove the water and begin drying out the structure. We will leave your property looking as good as new!

After Craftech Removed the Water and Dried the Wet Areas.

*Everyone’s coverage is different; check with your agent to see what is covered and if you are eligible for a rider.

The Big Event 2016

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     Thank you to all the agents that visited our booth at The Big Event this year.  We are always so impressed by the turnout and the professionalism of the MAIA.

We gave away a grand total of 12 cases of wine to attendees who played our game “Fling the Ring”!action2


We tried out some new ideas this year and were pleased with the results.  We added a backdrop to improve chances of winning a bottle (and less lost rings for us to chase!)wine-toss

We added a kiosk for signing in to stream line the process and eliminate paper waste!14900375_1257867730922377_6563333102067935481_n

Three of our lucky winners!


 Thanks for visiting and playing “Fling the Ring” With Julie and I!beccaandjulie

Is Laminate flooring a good idea?

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Laminate flooring while it may be a fraction of the price of wood and can look good aesthetically has a few flaws.  Laminate is made up of wood fibers not solid pieces of wood, therefore it acts more like cardboard when it gets wet. If our crew arrives at a site where a laminate floor has been affected by water, the first step would be to remove the floor, whereas if we were to walk into a home where hardwoods were affected we would attempt to dry it before considering removal.   One in 55 homeowners will have a loss from water damage or freezing every year, so if you are thinking that will not happen to me know that you have a 1 in 55 chance every year of having some form of water damage.


Laminate is the flooring of choice by many DIY homeowners because of the ease of installation but, if you are looking for durability and long lasting flooring, hardwoods would be the smarter choice.  Once laminate wears through you will have to replace the whole floor, whereas if you install hardwoods they can be refinished.


This photo is from a home that had a pipe break on the main level and made it’s way to a basement where there was laminate.  As you can see the laminate swelled around the edges and that damage is irreversible.  We had to remove the laminate whereas; the hardwoods on the main level were able to be dried.